The Least Racially Diverse Large City in the USA is….. Springfield, Missouri

The least racially/ethnically diverse large city in the United States, in 2015, is Springfield, Missouri. This is based on 2015 data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS).

The top five large cities are

  • #1: Springfield, Missouri (85.2% white);
  • #2: Fort Collins, Colorado (82.5% white);
  • #3: El Paso, Texas (79.6% hispanic/latino);
  • #4: St.Cloud, Minnesota (82.1% white); and
  • #5: Centennial, Colorado (82.1% white).

Here is a table showing the 25 large cities ranked on lowest racial/ethnic diversity index:


The methodology is discussed in my previous blog post on the “most racially diverse” large cities in the USA.

Fourteen of the top 25 large cities have a majority white, non-hispanic population, ranging from #25 Knoxville, Tennessee (73.1% white) to #1 Springfield, Missouri (85.2% white).

Ten of the top 25 large cities have a majority hispanic/latino population, ranging from #24 Yuma, Arizona (60.6% hispanic) to #3 El Paso, Texas (79.6% hispanic).

Detroit is the only black/african american majority city in this list of least diverse cities, at 79.2% black/african american (non-hispanic).

California has the most number of cities (six) in this list of least diverse places:

  • #11: Santa Ana (78.2% hispanic);
  • #13: Salinas (77.0% hispanic);
  • #17: Redding (77.7% white);
  • #19 Whittier (70.1% hispanic);
  • #21: Rialto (76.2% hispanic); and
  • #22: Oxnard (74.7% hispanic).

Spreadsheet for This Analysis (Updated 4/17/17)

Spreadsheet workbooks for this analysis is available here:


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