Tech Tools

What I envision for this page is a static page that looks at the SAS and R statistical package “scripts” that I’ve adapted and applied in my work.

My intention is to freely share the SAS and R scripts with the world. Use at your own risk, of course, but PLEASE let me know if I’ve made mistakes or you have embellishments to improve them.

As of March 7, 2017, I am a total novice in the use of the R package for analyzing census data. I hope to learn from scripts I’ve been provided by my ex-colleagues and others on the internet.

I’m not a novice with SAS. I’ve used it since about 1982. I don’t have access to the commercial version of SAS, but I am able to use the free version — available to independent learners — known as SAS Studio, version 3.6. So, the SAS scripts I have are readily adaptable to commercial, business, government and academic settings (i.e., the “paid” version of SAS).

Last updated: March 7, 2017